I’m Back!

I never realized that I could run out of space on my blog! But after writing almost 6 days a week for 2 years, the higher powers of wordpress decided that I have had enough. I guess it was a sign when I moved away from West Philadelphia that I would have to make a new blog. So here I am! On the other side of the Schuylkill river. Third year means exciting adventures as I learn how to treat patients and really learn how to be a fantastic penntist! Here we go!



Chef Garces opened up another restaurant in Philly featuring wood fired fare.

The burrata was probably one of my favorite dishes! Super flavorful and smooth!

We also tried one of their salads (it was huge!)

We had to get a pizza since that was their specialty. We chose the egg pizza and it was very different but very delicious!


They had a few different pastas and our favorite was the rabbit one. It also came with cherries that went really well with the flavor! Though the serving was small we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Boba King 

So a new food truck opened outside of the Dental school and I must say that I was SUPER excited about it! Bubble tea anytime I wanted! I ended up getting tea and teriyaki beef from there (they also advertised bao but they don’t have those right now).

I did enjoy the tea, but the beef was absolutely disappointing. It was very flavorless and dry. I guess I’ll stick to the bubble tea!


Phillips Seafood

While in Baltimore we had to go eat some seafood! We waited till later in the afternoon but it was still super crowded! We ended up splitting crab cakes and a lobster roll!


National Aquarium 

My dad loves aquariums and fish and since we had a free Saturday, we decided to head over to Baltimore for the day! There were a lot of things that we saw that we didn’t expect from an aquarium. They had their regular exhibits of fish tanks but they also had some little bonuses.

They had a please touch jellyfish exhibit! (We both touched jellyfish for the first time!)

There was also a rainforest incorporated into the aquarium (at the very top floor) and it had monkeys in it!!! I couldn’t get a good picture of the monkeys though =(

Also this GIANT turtle came swimming out of nowhere! And look at that stingray!

And there was also a dolphin pool! They were super cute and friendly!

Then we finished our trip with ice cream!


Little Nonna’s

I loved Little Nonna’s so much that I just had to go back! This time my dad came with me. We tried the octopus salad which was really good! We also had the Sunday gravy and topped it off with an apple dessert!


Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a glasses company started by some Wharton grads. They’ve predominantly been an online company, but they opened up their first physical store in Philly! Luckily for me, I definitely needed some new glasses!

Guess which ones I chose!


Bluestone Lane

Sejal had heard about the Australian coffee shop in Center City and we decided to give it a try! It was also a rainy saturday so her, myself and Lovs just went wandering through center city!

It was super cute inside! But they didn’t have wifi which probably explains why it’s so quiet inside!

I had the chai latte: