Phillips Seafood

While in Baltimore we had to go eat some seafood! We waited till later in the afternoon but it was still super crowded! We ended up splitting crab cakes and a lobster roll!


National Aquarium 

My dad loves aquariums and fish and since we had a free Saturday, we decided to head over to Baltimore for the day! There were a lot of things that we saw that we didn’t expect from an aquarium. They had their regular exhibits of fish tanks but they also had some little bonuses.

They had a please touch jellyfish exhibit! (We both touched jellyfish for the first time!)

There was also a rainforest incorporated into the aquarium (at the very top floor) and it had monkeys in it!!! I couldn’t get a good picture of the monkeys though =(

Also this GIANT turtle came swimming out of nowhere! And look at that stingray!

And there was also a dolphin pool! They were super cute and friendly!

Then we finished our trip with ice cream!

Harry Potter Fest!

Once a year, Chestnut Hill opens up its doors to host a Harry Potter themed festival. I’ve always been meaning to go but this year, we made it happen. The festival itself was amazingly organized and planned out but there were SO many people that it was completely overwhelming! They had everything from butterbeer to a mandrake garden. We had a blast bu we didn’t stay for very long since it was PACKED!

They were selling some of the most authentic broomsticks that I’ve ever seen!


We had to get some butterbeer!

There was a restaurant/bakery inside a greenhouse! Adorable!

Hagrid and either baby Norbie or Harry? Not too sure!