Little Nonna’s

I’ve been wanting to go to Little Nonna’s for so long and when Andrew came, we had a chance to go! While they’re known for their spaghetti and meatballs (big enough to serve 2 people!) we ended up going with their Sunday gravy which was absolutely delicious!

I know it’s dark and the Sunday gravy is covered in broccoli rabe! But trust me it was delicious!

We had leftovers and to my horror Andrew ate them all without sharing!


New Year!

This year, I just didn’t have the energy to make a giant Chinese new year dinner like last year! So we ended up getting dinner at the new dim sum restaurant by school! I think they did a better job than I could ever do!

Ok so we were really hungry and I didn’t take a picture of the food (Mancia probably started eating the food before they waitress finished putting all the plates on the table)

Ants Pants Cafe

While Andrew was here, we went for brunch with Nathan and Hilary! Ants Pants is serves up Australian inspired food and is located just over on South Street!

Andrew had to start with a strawberry soda float!

We also tried different sandwiches and they served up real potato chips!

I would definitely go back! It was delicious and the people there were so fantastic!


Andrew and I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s together in quite a long time since it doesn’t usually coincide with a break from school. This year I was super lucky because he came to visit!
To celebrate we bought a little chocolate cake from Trader Joe’s. We were actually blown away with the cake and really enjoyed it!